"What does impress the most is WebXTool's integration of different SEO tools, such as backlink tracking, SEO Score, rank tracking to list a few. Simple, efficient and innovative."

Main benefits:

In Backlinks Central you will be able to manage and keep track of external links to your website with ease. After you add a new backlink, the tool will check whether it exists or not, retriving anchor text and relevant link metrics, such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, mozRank, mozTrust, helping you to value every backlink. And not only you, but also your client can access Backlinks Central to see how the link building strategy is working out. Clean and transparent for both ends: is link building resulting in good quality links?

Backlink Categorization and Validation

Backlink Categorization and Validation:

In Backlinks Central, you can categorize every external link that you conquer, so that you will see how many link of each kind your site have (article directory, social network, blog comment, and so forth). WebXTool also validates that every link you add really points to your website.

Link Metrics:

WebXTool retrieves SEOmoz link metrics for your backlinks, this way, you will see how strong are those backlinks. Order the table by Page Authority, Domain Authority, mozRank or mozTrust to find out your best link sources (and also the ones that are not that great).

Link Metrics
Error Follow Up

Error Follow Up:

Under the Errors tab you will find backlinks that could not be verified by WebXTool. You may also export a CSV file with those errors and work them out outside WebXTool.

Backlinks Filters:

  • Insertion date;
  • Backlink category;
  • Domains or URLs.

Backlinks Filters

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