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"WebXTool fully supports the management of all our blogs and our workflow. WebXTool's strength is its high level of improvements and updates. It became our most important SEO tool."

Main benefits:

With WebXTool Task Manager you will be able to work in a colaborative way along with your workmates and clients, exchanging messages, checking tasklists that everyone can have access to. Everything to keep everybody posted and updated about your campaign. And for you, it means full control over everybody and everyday tasks: Organize the whole operation in Milestones and tasklists, set up deadlines, assign tasks to your team, manage documents and attachments, send messages - all you need to engage everybody to your campaign.

Tasklist Overview by Status

Tasklist Overview by Status

You will quickly see which tasks are still not accomplished, which ones are scheduled, and last, but not least, you will see completed tasks.

Milestones & Tasks

Every business goal, every improvement and every update has its own set of steps to be achieved. Milestones (every single goal) and tasks (steps to achieve one such goal) will help you organize how your campaigns will evolve. Some tasks and goals just have to be repeated over and over again? We can handle it, you just need to set a task or goal as recurring (monthly, weekly or daily). Set up a date or a deadline and WebXTool will do the rest.

Milestones & Tasks


Whether it's a simple or a complex project, nothing is as helpful as a Timeline to help everyone to stay up to date with their duties. We know it and we provide a Timeline for you, your workmates and clients, so that everybody can feel safe and stay ahead of time. Everytime you create a new Milestone, your campaign Timeline is automatically updated. Worry no more.

Timeline Filters:

  • Easily find pending, scheduled or accomplished tasks;
  • Filter tasks by one or more workmates;
  • Use advanced filters to look for tasks in a time frame, campaign or even task status;
  • If everything else fails, just search for task description.

Timeline Filters

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